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Windy City Workout The Essential Dance Craze Hits & Rarities 1964-1973

Windy City Workout The Essential Dance Craze Hits & Rarities 1964-1973 Windy City Workout The Essential Dance Craze Hits & Rarities 1964-1973





'A great compilation celebrates Alvin Cash’s dance craze hits. Put together by Bob Fisher with comprehensive liner notes from Chicago soul expert Robert Pruter and stylish packaging from Joe Boy’s Glenn Gunton, this 2-CD package will not only stand out among your CD collection but it’ll have you throwing shapes with renewed abandon on the dance floor.'

Chicago soul music is one of the many regional variations that proved nationally popular during the 1960s and this unique collection celebrates one of the city’s many stars Alvin Cash.  An often overlooked sub-genre is the almost never-ending stream of dance craze records which caught the national imagination, and Alvin Cash was among the leading exponents.

Windy City Workout is the first ever legitimate CD release devoted entirely to Cash’s recordings.  Disc 1 opens with his sole album release Twine Time, named after his biggest hit, and continues into Disc 2 with all of his single releases in chronological order.  This deluxe memorabilia-laden package features notes from the eminent Chicago blues and soul expert Robert Pruter, and the track listing denotes all the chart placings he secured on America’s pop and R&B charts.

Cash’s recordings for Mar-V-Lus, Toddlin’ Town, Seventy-Seven and Sound Stage Seven are all included.  Also featured are three tracks which only ever appeared on the now ultra-rare Toddlin’ Town LP, Wilson Pickett’s ‘Funky Broadway’ and two Arthur Conley hits, ‘Funky Street’ and ‘People Sure Act Funny’.  Dances with instructions include The Twine, The Boo Ga Loo, The Bump, The Barracuda, The Boston Monkey, The Penguin, The Freeze, The Charge, The Popcorn and, second only to The Twine, The Ali Shuffle, a dance which Alvin dedicated to Mohammed Ali.

Alvin Cash passed away in 1999 but his music still resonates on today’s soul scene, as a quick visit to YouTube will attest. This carefully compiled 2CD set is the first comprehensive retrospective of his work and is testimony to the power of dance music; get up and get down is all you can really do to this collection.

Disc One
1. Shake A Tail Feather
2. Twine Awhile
3. Hawk Eye
4. The Bump
5. Twine Time
6. Fool That I Am
7. The Barracuda
8. You Shot Me Through The Grease
9. In Need Of Love
10. Burn Just A Hair
11. Shake
12. Do It One More Time
13. Un-Wind The Twine
14. The Penguin (Tuxedo Bird)
15. Boston Monkey
16. The Philly Freeze
17. No Deposit - No Return
18. Alvin’s Boo-Ga-Loo
19. Let’s Do Some Good Timing

Tracks 1-3, 6, 8-12, 16-19: Alvin Cash & The Registers
Tracks 4, 5, 7, 13 & 14: Alvin Cash & The Crawlers
Track 15: Alvin Cash

Disc Two
1. Feel So Good
2. Doin’ The Ali Shuffle
3. Diff’rent Stroke For Diff’rent Folks
4. The Charge
5. Whip It On Me
6. Alvin’s Bag (aka Funky Bag)
7. Keep On Dancing - Part 1
8. Keep On Dancing - Part 2
9. Funky ’69
10. Moaning And Groaning
11. Poppin’ Popcorn - Part 1
12. Poppin’ Popcorn - Part 2
13. People Sure Act Funny
14. Funky Street
15. Funky Broadway
16. Alvin’s Doin’ His Thing
17. It’s Party (Party Time)
18. Doin’ The Creep
19. I Don’t Want It (If It Don’t Look Good)
20. Funky Washing Machine

Tracks 1-3: Alvin Cash & The Registers
Track 4: Alvin Cash featuring The Registers
Tracks 5 & 6, 9-17, 19 & 20: Alvin Cash
Tracks 7 & 8: Alvin Cash with The Scott Brothers Orchestra
Track 18: Alvin Cash & The Hundred Dollar Bills


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Windy City Workout The Essential Dance Craze Hits & Rarities 1964-1973

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