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Greatest Hits - The Immediate Years 1967-1969 (CD)

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Greatest Hits - The Immediate Years 1967-1969 (CD)

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Various Artists
Up All Night!

Up All Night!





'Originally intended as gateways into the Northern scene for a new generation, the tracklistings bring together staples from Gene Chandler, Wade Flemons, Sam Dees, Sidney Barnes, Fred Hughes and Roscoe Shelton. ★★★★' LOIS WILSON, RECORD COLLECTOR

56 Northern Soul gems made popular by Manchester’s Twisted Wheel club and The Wigan Casino. Drawn from the same-named albums originally compiled by Brian Rae and David Flynn in the 1990s, these decade-defying floor-fillers are a solid gold slice of Northern Soul history. With perennial favourites from Gene Chandler, Betty Everett, Sidney Barnes, The Ad Libs, Ann Sexton, Dee Clark, Linda Jones and many more, this deluxe 2CD memorabilia-laden package also features an additional 22 tracks not included on previous editions plus informative liner notes by soul authority Bob Fisher.

Disc 1 Up All Night Volume 1

1. Gene Chandler – Nothing Can Stop Me
2. Betty Everett – Getting Mighty Crowded
3. The Ad Libs – Nothing Worse Than Being Alone
4. Wade Flemons – That Other Place
5. Fred Hughes – I Keep Tryin’
6. Roscoe Shelton – You’re The Dream
7. Sidney Barnes – I Hurt On The Other Side
8. Sam Dees – Lonely For You Baby
9. Don Thomas – Come On Train
10. The Valentines – Breakaway
11. Ted Ford – You’re Gonna Need Me
12. Maurice Williams – Being Without You
13. Lee Bates – Why Don’t You Write
14. Willie Harper – But I Couldn’t
15. Little Richie – Just Another Heartache
16. The Inspirations – Touch Me Hold Me Kiss Me
17. Roscoe Shelton – Running For My Life
18. Gwen Davis – My Man Don’t Think I Know
19. Jackey Beavers – Hold On
20. Ann Sexton – You’ve Been Gone Too Long
21. Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over Twice
22. Sidney Barnes – You’ll Always Be In Style
23. Fred Hughes – Don’t Let Me Down
24. The Van Mccoy Strings – Sweet And Easy
Bonus Tracks
25. Joe Murphy – So Blue (Without You)
26. The Dontells – In Your Heart (You Know I’m Right)
27. The Ballads – I Can’t See Your Love (For The Tears In My Eyes) Part 1
28. The Rubaiyats – Omar Khayyam

Disc 2 Up All Night Volume 2

1. Dee Clark – That’s My Girl
2. Maurice Williams – Return
3. Eddie Wilson – Toast To The Lady
4. Linda Jones – You Hit Me Like Tnt
5. Little Richie – One Bo Dillion Years
6. Gene Chandler – Check Yourself
7. The Rivingtons – I Love You Always
8. Roddie Joy – If There’s Anything Else You Want
9. The Showmen – The Wrong Girl
10. The Ad Libs – Johnny My Boy
Bonus Tracks
11. The Dells – Hey Sugar Don’t Get Serious
12. Betty Everett – Trouble Over The Weekend
13. Barrett Strong – Gonna Take A Journey
14. Eddie Billups – Shake Off That Dream
15. Nolan Chance – Just Like The Weather
16. Gene Chandler – I Can Take Care Of Myself
17. The Stokes – Young Man, Old Man
18. Little Hank – Mr. Bang Bang Man
19. Eldridge Holmes – Lovely Woman
20. The Stokes – Crystal Ball
21. Yvonne Carroll – Please Don’t Go
22. Anderson Brothers – I Can See Him Loving You
23. The Skullsnaps – I’m Your Pimp
24. Connie Laverne – Can’t Live Without You
25. Joe Simon – The Girl’s Alright With Me
26. Little Johnny Blair – Momma’s Gone
27. Jamo Thomas & The Party Brothers Orchestra – I Spy (For The FBI)
28. Blanch Carter – Halos Are For Angels


Up All Night!

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