Üdü Wüdü

Üdü Wüdü



Magma was in its way the ultimate progressive-rock group although it never enjoyed the commercial success which their totally unique music deserved. Under the leadership of their classically trained drummer Christian Vander the group conjured up a truly cosmic vision of the universe, inventing its own language and mythology to get its message across.

One of the major themes running through Magma’s albums was the rivalry between Planet Earth and a mythical planet called Kobaia. Their songs were written and sung in that planet’s language, native Kobaian, the group’s own creation.

Magma’s music combined elements of jazz, R&B, heavy rock and psychedelia into a heady cocktail and their spectacular live shows were legendary.

Recorded in 1976 in Paris at the peak of Magma’s popularity, the album’s undoubted highlight is the 17-minute epic ‘De Futura’, described by Vander himself as a magical and enchanting voyage through time.

1.  Üdü Wüdü
2.  Weidorje
3.  Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)
4.  Soleil D’ Ork (Ork’sun)
5.  Zombies (Ghost Dance)
6.  De Futura


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