The Last Poets
This is Madness

This is Madness




'From the volatile streets of Harlem in the late 60s, the Last Poets were amongst the earliest voices of radical black youth in America. With fans including Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger, they took Black Power into the charts and helped inspire hip hop... The Last Poets is a seminal debut. An extraordinary distillation of fury and frustration. Instantly hailed as a classic, it has since been a direct influence on everything from Gil Scott-Heron's Small Talk at 125th and Lennox to Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet. This Is Madness hints at a growing ambition with its overdubs, sing-song charts and complex drum figures.' Uncut

Generally recognised as one of the first ever rap groups, The Last Poets' groundbreaking fusion of minimalist African beats with uncompromising lyrics dealing with life in the ghetto, civil rights and social injustice caused a major sensation when their eponymous debut album made the US Top 10 album charts in 1970.

The group’s militant message and delivery, coupled with their support for The Black Panthers, made them highly controversial at the time and led to their second album, 1971’s ‘This Is Madness’, being placed on Richard Nixon’s Counter-Intelligence programming list. Their pioneering sound continues to influence today’s hip-hop scenes, with their mark having been made on countless black musicians over the years.

This deluxe 2CD set comprisese the band’s first two albums, The Last Poets (1970) and This Is Madness (1971), plus bonus tracks from Lightnin’ Road including ‘Doriella du Fontaine’ featuring Jimi Hendrix, and an in-depth essay by John Masouri.

Disc 1
The Last Poets
1. Run, Nigger
2. On The Subway
3. Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution
4. Black Thighs
5. Gashman
6. Wake Up, Niggers
7. New York, New York
8. Jones Comin’ Down
9. Just Because
10.Black Wish
11.When The Revolution Comes
12.Two Little Boys

Disc 2
This Is Madness
1. True Blues
2. Related To What Chant
3. Related To What
4. Black Is Chant
5. Black Is
6. Time
7. Mean Machine Chant
8. Mean Machine
9. White Man’s Got A Complex
11.Black People What Y’All Gon’ Do Chant
12.Black People What T’All Gon’ Do
14.This Is Madness Chant
15.This Is Madness
Bonus tracks
18.Doriella Du Fontaine


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