The Very Best Of Gong

The Very Best Of Gong



The best of the hippy legends’ ’70s recordings for the BYG label.

Formed in 1969 by Daevid Allen, one of the founder members of The Soft Machine, Gong established itself as one of the most innovative and experimental progressive rock groups of the Seventies.

Mixing rock, jazz and psychedelia with elements of mysticism and hippie-based surrealism, all laced with a far-out sense of humour, the group’s music, along with its communal lifestyle and fascination with things Eastern, epitomised the hippy ideal of the day.

This collection contains 19 highlights from their ‘70s recordings for the cult BYG Records label and features tracks from the celebrated Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy of albums, their first two albums, Magick Brother and Camembert Electrique, plus a sole cut from the hippy-punk Allen comeback Floating Anarchy.

An ideal introduction to the world of Gong, their sense of humour, druggy philosophy and above all their wonderful ability as musicians and pioneers.


  1. Rational Anthem
  2. Foghat Digs Holes In Space
  3. Glad To Say To Say
  4. Tried So Hard
  5. Tropical Fish: Selene
  6. Radio Gnome Invisible
  7. The pot Head pixies
  8. Witch’s Song : I Am Your pussy
  9. Sold To The Highest Buddah
  10. Oily Way
  11. Outer Temple
  12. Love Is How You Make It
  13. I Niver Glid Before
  14. Selene
  15. perfect Mystery
  16. The Isle Of Everywhere
  17. Thoughts For Naught
  1. Opium For The people (With planet Gong).

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