Townes Van Zandt
Texas Troubadour

Texas Troubadour



'Take a listen and it’s easy to hear why Townes Van Zandt is now referred to as the late great Townes van Zandt' CLASSIC ROCK

4CD set containing the seven albums Townes Van Zandt recorded for the Poppy and Tomato labels between 1968 and 1973 plus live tracks and rarities.

Since his death at the age of 52 in 1997, the reputation and popularity of Townes Van Zandt has grown greater by the day. He left behind a musical legacy of beautifully crafted songs and a legion of ever growing grateful admirers.

This deluxe 4-CD compact box set features all Van Zandt’s studio recordings released by the Poppy and Tomato labels during his most creative period, including the classic tracks ‘Pancho and Lefty’, ‘If I Needed You’ and the 1973 live set ‘Live At The Old Quarter’.

This clam-box edition of the set also contains a 36-page booklet which includes a detailed biography.

Disc One

  1. For The Sake Of The Song
  2. Tecumseh Valley
  3. Many A Fine Lady
  4. Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria
  5. Waitin’ Around To Die
  6. I’ll Be Here In The Morning
  7. Sad Cinderella
  8. The Velvet Voices
  9. All Your Young Servants
  10. Talkin’ Karate Blues
  11. Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls
  12. Be Here To Love Me
  13. Kathleen
  14. She Came And She Touched Me
  15. Like A Summer Thursday
  16. Our Mother The Mountain
  17. Second Lover’s Song
  18. St. John The Gambler
  19. Tecumseh
  20. Snake Mountain Blues
  21. My Proud Mountains
  22. Why She’s Acting This Way.

Disc Two

  1. For The Sake Of The Song
  2. Columbine
  3. Waitin’ Around To Die
  4. Don’t Take It Too Bad
  5. Colorado Girl
  6. Lungs
  7. I’ll Be Here In The Morning
  8. Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel
  9. (Quicksilver Daydreams Of) Maria
  10. None But The Rain
  11. F.F.V.
  12. Delta Momma Blues
  13. Only Him Or Me
  14. Turnstyled, Junkpiled
  15. Tower Song
  16. Come Tomorrow
  17. Brand New Companion
  18. Where I Lead Me
  19. Rake
  20. Nothin’

Disc Three

  1. Two Hands
  2. You Are Not Needed Now
  3. Greensboro Woman
  4. Highway Kind
  5. Standin’
  6. No Deal
  7. To Live Is To Fly
  8. When He Offers His Hand
  9. Mr.Mudd And Mr. Gold
  10. Blue Ridge Mountains
  11. High, Low And In Between
  12. No Lonesome Tune
  13. Sad Cinderella
  14. German Mustard (A Clapalong)
  15. Don’t Let The Sunshine Fool Ya’
  16. Honky Tonkin’
  17. Snow Don’t Fall
  18. Fraulein
  19. Pancho And Lefty
  20. If I Needed You
  21. Silver Ships Of Andilar
  22. Heavenly Houseboat Blues.

Disc Four

  1. Loretta
  2. No Place To Fall
  3. Flyin’ Shoes
  4. Who Do You Love
  5. When She Don’t Need Me
  6. Dollar Bill Blues
  7. Rex’s Blues
  8. Pueblo Waltz
  9. Brother Flower
  10. Snake Song
  11. At My Window
  12. Buckskin Stallion Blues
  13. The Spider Song
  14. Upon My Soul
  15. Two Girls
  16. Fraternity Blues
  17. White Freight Liner Blues
  18. Talking Thunderbird Blues
  19. Nine Pound Hammer
  20. Chauffeur’s Blues
  21. Cocaine Blues
  22. Only Him Or Me


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