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Sun Rockabilly Meltdown

Sun Rockabilly Meltdown



3CD set - 107 rockabilly classics from the vaults of Sun Records.  Featuring Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and many more.

Elvis Presley introduced the Rockabilly sound to the world with the seminal recordings he made in 1954 at Sun Records. These were to epitomise the famous Sun sound and set the scene for the Rock‘n’Roll explosion that was just around the corner.

This raw and exciting sound, a remarkable fusion of white country music and black R&B, quickly found an eager audience with the youth of the day.  Rockabilly has endured the test of time and remains as popular as ever with listeners of all age groups.

This 3-CD box set comprises 107 rockabilly highlights from the hallowed vaults of Sun Records, acknowledged by fans as being home to the finest rockabilly sides ever recorded.  As well as featuring Elvis Presley and such household names as Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich and Roy Orbison, the set also includes significant contributions from the label’s lesser lights, many of who were unfairly overlooked at the time.

The set is strikingly-packaged in a compact hard box and includes a 28-page lavishly illustrated colour booklet.

Disc One

  1. ELVIS PRESLEY Mystery Train
  2. JERRY LEE LEWIS  Milkshake Mademoiselle
  3. WARREN SMITH Dear John
  4. SONNY BURGESS We Wanna Boogie [Alt.]
  5. CARL PERKINS Pink Pedal Pushers [Alt.]
  6. ONIE WHEELER Walkin’ Shoes [Alt.]
  7. MALCOLM YELVINGTON Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
  8. HAYDEN THOMPSON Blues, Blues, Blues [Alt. - Take 2]
  9. DICK PENNER Move, Baby, Move
  10. TRACY PENDARVIS Southbound Line
  11. CARL MANN Baby, I Don’t Care
  12. CHARLIE RICH Yes, Ma’am
  13. CARL PERKINS Everybody’s Tryin’ To Be My Baby [Alt.]
  14. ROY ORBISON Domino [Undubbed]
  15. RAY SMITH Break Up
  16. BILLY LEE RILEY Pearly Lee [Undubbed]
  17. JERRY LEE LEWIS Rockin’ With Red (She Knows How To Rock Me)
  18. JACK EARLS Slow Down
  19. SLIM RHODES Gonna Romp And Stomp
  20. ROY HALL I Lost My Baby
  21. HAYDEN THOMPSON One Broken Heart
  22. MACK VICKERY Drive-In
  23. TRACY PENDARVIS Please Be Mine (Come To Me)
  24. RAY HARRIS Love Dumb Baby
  25. JOHNNY CASH Folsom Prison Blues [Alt.]
  26. JERRY LEE LEWIS Wild One (Real Wild Child)
  27. CARL PERKINS I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry
  28. JIMMY WILLIAMS Sonny Boy
  29. DICKEY LEE (Dickey Lipscomb) Good Lovin’
  30. ALTON & JIMMY I Just Don’t Know
  32. CARL PERKINS Blue Suede Shoes [Alt. Take 3]
  33. GLENN HONEYCUTT If It Wasn’t For Love
  34. MISSISSIPPI SLIM Try Doin’ Right
  35. JERRY LEE LEWIS I Don’t Love Nobody
  36. JEAN CHAPEL Welcome To The Club

Disc Two

  1. CARL PERKINS Her Love Rubbed Off
  2. JACK EARLS Crawdad Hole [Take 3]
  3. JERRY LEE LEWIS Mean Woman Blues
  4. BILLY LEE RILEY I Want You Baby
  5. TOMMY BLAKE You Better Believe It [Alt. #1]
  6. HAROLD DORMAN To Be With You
  7. JIMMY PRITCHETT That’s The Way I Feel
  9. ERNIE BARTON Whirlpool
  10. JERRY LEE LEWIS Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
  11. MICKEY GILLEY Thinkin’ Of Me
  12. SONNY BURGESS Little Town Baby
  13. WARREN SMITH Who Took My Baby?
  14. CARL McVOY Little Girl
  15. RAY SMITH Why, Why, Why [Alt.]
  16. HAYDEN THOMPSON Fairlane Rock
  17. DICK PENNER Don’t Need Your Lovin’ Baby [Alt. #1]
  18. MALCOLM YELVINGTON Have Myself A Ball
  19. LUKE McDANIEL Go Ahead, Baby
  20. CARL PERKINS Put Your Cat Clothes On [Take 3]
  21. JERRY ARNOLD Little Boy Blue
  22. TRACY PENDARVIS Bop A Cha-Cha Baby
  23. CARL MANN Pretend
  24. JERRY LEE LEWIS Friday Night
  25. KENNETH PARCHMAN Treat Me Right [Alt.]
  26. JOHNNY CASH Two Timin’ Woman [Alt.]
  27. KEN COOK & ROY ORBISON Crazy Baby [Take 2]
  28. ELVIS PRESLEY Trying To Get To You
  29. BARBARA PITTMAN Voice Of A Fool
  30. GLENN HONEYCUTT On Mobile Bay
  31. HOWARD CHANDLER Wampus Cat
  32. CARL PERKINS Glad All Over
  33. JERRY LEE LEWIS Lewis Boogie
  34. GENE SIMMONS Shake, Rattle And Roll
  35. BILLY LEE RILEY & THE LITTLE GREEN MEN Flying Saucer Rock’n‘Roll
  36. CHARLIE RICH Blue Suede Shoes

Disc Three

  1. ELVIS PRESLEY Milkcow Blues Boogie
  2. JERRY LEE LEWIS Cool, Cool Ways (Sexy Ways)
  3. JIMMY WILLIAMS Fire Engine Red
  4. CHARLIE RICH Lonely Weekends [Alt.]
  5. TOMMY BLAKE I Dig You, Baby [Alt.]
  6. EDWIN BRUCE Rock Boppin’ Baby [Alt.]
  7. CLIFF GLEAVES Your Cheatin’ Heart
  8. JOHNNY POWERS Waitin’ For You
  9. TRACY PENDARVIS Hypnotized
  10. SID WATSON (Hayden Thompson) Don’t You Worry
  11. CURTIS HOBACK Apron Strings
  12. CARL PERKINS Dixie Fried
  13. RAY SMITH Willing And Ready
  14. JESSE LEE TURNER Put Me Down
  15. ERNIE BARTON She’s Gone Away
  16. EDDIE BOND This Old Heart Of Mine
  17. MALCOLM YELVINGTON Rockin’ With My Baby
  18. HAYDEN THOMPSON Mama, Mama, Mama
  19. JERRY LEE LEWIS Whole Lotta Twistin’ Goin’ On
  20. JIMMY WAGES Miss Pearl
  21. KEN COOK Problem Child
  22. CARL MANN I Love You, I Adore You
  23. ELVIS PRESLEY I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine
  24. RAY HARRIS Come On Little Mama
  25. SONNY BURGESS Truckin’ Down The Avenue
  26. CARL PERKINS Caldonia
  27. RAY SMITH I Want To Be Free
  28. BILLY LEE RILEY (Come Back Baby) One More Time
  29. CHARLIE FEATHERS Corrine, Corrina
  30. ONIE WHEELER That’s All
  31. DICK PENNER Cindy Lou
  32. GENE SIMMONS I Done Told You
  33. CARL McVOY A Woman’s Love (The Thrill Of Your Love)
  34. JERRY LEE LEWIS Ooby Dooby
  35. ROY ORBISON It’s Too Late

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