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Soul Weekender

Soul Weekender




NORTHERN SOUL WEEKENDER - 180g heavyweight vinyl edition featuring an all-star line up of fabled artists and iconic tracks culled from the playlist of the world’s most famous soul club by Mr Northern Soul himself... Russ Winstanley.

Welcome back to the Club. The place to meet THE faces, hear THE tunes and read THE stories behind the “Sound Of Soul” in the UK. And that’s our manifesto here at Club Soul. To trace the evolution of the UK rare soul scene through Britain’s clubland. A scene that would become known as Northern Soul, a scene fuelled on rare Black American 45s, a scene fuelled on oneupmanship. A working class scene of solidarity that came of age in the North of England in the seventies capturing the heart and soul of the Nation’s youth seduced by its secret world of all-night dancing.

Club Soul features hundreds of Rare Soul and R&B tracks taken from the archives of both legendary and little known American record labels. There are familiar favourites first played at iconic venues such as The Scene, The Wheel, The Torch, Wigan Casino and rarities that have been collected, hoarded, cherished and prized and finally reissued on Club Soul for the very first time.

Our 16 track DJ set blasts off with Sidney Barnes’ anthemic “I Hurt On The Other Side” in celebration of his return to UK shores for the largest Northern Soul gathering In Skegness (UK) this September. In further tribute to the living legend we present The Ad Libs, previously unreleased version of Barnes’ “You’ll Always Be In Style”... a first for the LP format! The relentless stomping dance pace is propelled by current in demanders courtesy of the formidable Big Daddy Rogers and the uncompromising Ann Sexton with her newly discovered classic “I Still Love You” and Casino favourites from Joe Tex and the Ohio Players. Sam Dees delivers his unique “count in” version of “Lonely For You Baby”, a track originally released by Club Soul’s parent company Charly Records - another first!

The action continues with the incredible four-figure rarity “Gone With The Wind Is My Love” by Rita & The Tiaras -- that’s a cool one thousand pounds per minute!!! And the rarities continue with the Valentines, Little Richie, Jerry Williams and the Ringleaders. Ellie Greenwhich makes a very welcome appearance with her current floor packer “Baby” and MOD icon P. P. Arnold performs the evergreen “Everything’ Gonna Be Alright”.

Soul Weekender

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