Ray Smith
Shake Around

Shake Around




The million-selling singer's complete Sun recordings plus later cuts for Vee-Jay.

Influenced by Country stars Eddy Arnold, Gene Autry and Faron Young, Kentucky-born Ray Smith grew up performing cowboy songs before landing his own show on Paducah's WPSD-TV.  Spotted by Onie Wheeler's manager Charlie Terrell, Smith duly came to the attention of Sam Phillips who was so impressed with what he heard, he signed the singer to Sun without meeting him beforehand - a first for the Sun founder.

At Sun Smith debuted the Charlie Rich song 'Break Up' (later recorded by labelmates Jerry Lee Lewis and Rich himself) one of a slew of tidy rockers ('You Made A Hit', 'Shake Around', 'Right Behind You Baby'), most of which featured the stinging guitar of session-player Stanley Walker.  However, it wasn't until Smith quit Sun for Judd Phillips' new label that he registered his first national hit with the million-selling, pop-friendly 'Rockin' Little Angel'.  

This compilation features Smith's five Sun 45rpms together with material unreleased at the time, plus his lone single for Chicago's Vee-Jay 'Robbin' The Cradle' b/w 'Rockin' Robin'. 

  1. Break up
  2. Why, Why, Why
  3. Willing And Ready
  4. So Young
  5. Right Behind You Baby
  6. You Made A Hit
  7. Shake Around
  8. Rockin’ Bandit [dubbed version]
  9. Sail Away
  10. Forever Yours
  11. I Won’t Miss You (‘Til You Go)
  12. Travelin’ Salesman
  13. Candy Doll
  14. Hey, Boss Man
  15. Life Is A Flower
  16. Little Girl
  17. I Wanna Be Free
  18. Two Pennies And A String
  19. The Girl Was Meant For Me
  20. Rockin’ Bandit [undubbed version]
  21. Why, Why, Why [alternate]
  22. Rockin’ Robin
  23. Robbin’ The Cradle


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