Billy Lee Riley
Red Hot

Red Hot




'One of the finest rockabilly artists to record at Sun. His artistic achievement is as golden as Elvis. ' RECORD COLLECTOR

26 tracks from one of Sun Rockabilly's most distinctive and influential proponents.  Includes the classics 'Flyin' Saucers Rock'n'Roll', 'Red Hot', 'Pearly Lee' and more.

Lauded by Bob Dylan and feted for his wild stage act, multi-instrumentalist songwriter Billy Riley and his band The Little Green Men - essentially the Sun studio house band comprising Roland Janes, J.M. van Eaton, Marvin PepperJimmy Wilson and later Martin Willis - were responsible for some of the label's defining Rockabilly recordings and yet, despite his Presley-ish good looks, hit record production and session work, Riley was to spend most of his six decades-spanning career in relative obscurity.

Featuring a young Jerry Lee Lewis on piano, 'Flyin' Saucers Rock'n'Roll' was Riley's first Sun cut of note (later garnering a cover by Link Wray) but it was the follow-up, 'Red Hot', which showed all the signs of breaking nationally with advance orders of 10,000 copies.  Instead of getting behind the disc, Sam Phillips elected to direct his marketing budget at Lewis' solo debut release 'Great Balls Of Fire'. Consequently, 'Red Hot' stalled and Riley suffered the same fate as labelmates Sonny Burgess and Warren Smith with chart success proving frustratingly elusive.

Having founded the Rita, Nita and Mojo labels in the early 60s, Riley relocated to Los Angeles where worked steadily as a session musician contributing guitar and bluesy harmonica to a number of hit recordings.  Rediscovered by European fans in the 1970s, the Grammy-nominated Riley was still performing in the years immediately prior to his death in 2009.  Although largely overlooked at the time, these recordings - many now regarded as classics - serve as a timely reminder of Riley's status as a true rock'n'roll pioneer.

  1. Flyin’ Saucers Rock’n’Roll
  2. Red Hot
  3. Rock With Me Baby
  4. Pearly Lee
  5. Down By The Riverside
  6. I Want You Baby
  7. Trouble Bound
  8. Wouldn’t You Know
  9. Baby, Please Don’t Go
  10. That’s Right
  11. Searchin’
  12. College Man
  13. Dance With Me, Honey
  14. Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash
  15. Swanee River Rock
  16. Betty And Dupree
  17. Got The Water Boiling
  18. No Name Girl
  19. Come Back Baby
  20. Let’s Talk About Us
  21. Folsom Prison Blues
  22. Sweet William
  23. Saturday Night Fish Fry
  24. Dark Muddy Bottom
  25. When A Man Gets The Blues
  26. Billy’s Blues [instrumental]


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