Don Cherry 
Orient / Blue Lake 

Orient / Blue Lake 


Digitally-remastered double-CD set from Cherry, the world music pioneer and revered jazz musician, comprising two of his finest albums, recorded for the BYG label in 1969.

Acknowledged as being one of the original pioneers of World music, Don Cherry was also one of the most important jazz musicians of his era. Having played with musicians as diverse as Ornette Coleman and Lou Reed, the multi-instrumentalist developed and enriched his unique sound through his extensive travels throughout the world.

This digitally-remastered double-cd set comprises two of his finest albums, ‘Orient’ and ‘Blue Lake’. Both of these albums were recorded in France by the BYG label in 1969 and were originally released as double albums.

‘Orient’ captures the nomadic Don Cherry in a live trio set in which he is accompanied by the great Dutch drummer Han Bennink and the amazing South African bassist Johnny Dyani. In the album’s four extended numbers, their playing relects Cherry’s passion for global culture, touching on elements of Indonesian gamelan, Indian Karnatic singing and the rhythms of Africa and American Indian rituals.

‘Blue Lake’ again showcases Cherry’s amazing musical eclectism, playing a Native American flute on the album’s opening title track, whilst on the following 30-minute ‘Dollar and Okay’s Tunes’, he and his band interpret a number of Dollar Brand tunes. On the 26-minute ‘East’ he adds his amazing vocals, which sound like another musical instrument.

This specially-priced double set is an excellent introduction to Don Cherry’s work and includes new, updated sleevenotes from Edwin Pouncey of ‘The Wire’ magazine.

Disc One – Orient
  1. Orient
  2. Si Ta Ra Ma
  3. Eagle Eye
  1. Togetherness

Disc Two – Blue Lake

  1. Blue Lake
  2. Dollar and Okay’s
  3. Tunes
  1. East