Don Cherry 




Two classic albums for BYG from 1969, MU first part and MU second part by the inspirational multi-instrumentalist, combined on one disc.

Acknowledged as one of the fathers of World music, Don Cherry is also one of the most important
jazz musicians of his era. Having played with musicians as diverse as Ornette Coleman and Lou Reed, the multi-instrumentalist further developed and enriched his unique sound through his extensive travels throughout the world.

This digitally-remastered CD comprises two of his finest albums, ‘MU first part’ and ‘MU second part’. These two albums, recorded in France in 1969 by the BYG label, showcase Cherry’s unique sound, with drummer Ed Blackwell providing accompaniment.

Alternating mystical moods with free improvisation, the two MU albums are comparable in their intensity and innovation with that other classic album ‘Interstellar Space’, which John Coltrane recorded with drummer Rashied Ali.

Includes new, updated sleevenotes (English/French) written by the editor of the French magazine ‘Vibrations’, Pierre-Jean Crittin.


  1. Brilliant Action
  2. Amejelo
  3. Total Vibration
  4. Sun Of The East
  5. Terrestrial Beings
  6. The Mysticism Of My Sound
  7. Medley: Dollar Brand / Spontaneous Composing / Exert, Man On The Moon
  8. Bamboo Night
  9. Teo-Teo Can
  10. Smiling Faces, Going places
  11. psycho Drama
  1. Medley: Theme – Albert Heath / Theme – Dollar Brand / Babyrest, Time For…

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