Jefferson Airplane
Last Flight

Last Flight



'Complete final show by legendary acid-rockers ... an arresting and meaningful swansong from one of our most undervalued musical inventors.’ ' RECORD COLLECTOR

For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America.

A 2-CD set comprising the Airplane’s final concert performance, recored at the Winterland arena in September 1972. 

The first authorised release of the Airplane’s historic last show from September 1972 recorded at The Winterland Arena, San Francisco. The concert spans two discs and features Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jack Casady, Papa John Creach, Johnny Barbata and David Freiberg.

Long featured on inferior bootlegs, this marks the first official, re-mastered, authorised and complete version of the historic show and offers a more complete and satisfying souvenir of the last days of one of the West Coast’s greatest bands than the original RCA release Thirty Seconds Over Winterland.

Features the cream of the tracks from the group’s last two albums, ‘Bark’ and ‘Long John Silver’ plus evergreen favourites including ‘Crown of Creation’, ‘Somebody To Love’ and ‘Diana / Volunteers’, on which they are joined by Marty Balin.

Disc One

  1. Introduction By Bill Graham
  2. Somebody To Love
  3. Twilight Double Leader
  4. Wooden Ships
  5. Milk Train
  6. Blind John
  7. Come Back Baby
  8. The Son Of Jesus
  9. Long John Silver
  10. When The Earth Moves Again
  11. Papa John’s Down Home Blues
  12. Eat Starch Mom

Disc Two 

  1. John's Other
  2. Trial By Fire
  3. Law Man
  4. Have You Seen The Saucers?
  5. Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)
  6. Feel So Good
  7. Crown Of Creation
  8. Walking The Tou Tou
  9. Medley: Diana / Volunteers

For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America.

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