Aaron Neville
Hercules - The Minit and Sansu Sessions 1960-1977

Hercules - The Minit and Sansu Sessions 1960-1977




Over 50 classic cuts from one of New Orleans’ greatest vocalists featuring ‘Over You’, ‘Tell It Like It Is’, ‘Mojo Hannah’, ‘Hercules’ and many more.

Aaron Neville is the third oldest of the four Neville Brothers. The brothers were catapulted to international stardom when they started recording together in 1977, but by this point Aaron had spent the last 17 years building up a substantial catalogue of quality soul and funk. Much of this had been recorded under Allen Toussaint’s guidance for Joe Banashak’s Minit and Instant labels or for Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn’s Sansu Enterprises.

Disc 1 in this set comprises all of Aaron’s released recordings on the Minit and Instant labels as well as a couple of titles first released on Banashak’s album label Bandy. Eight alternate takes from the original Minit sessions complete this overview of all the songs recorded by Aaron between 1960 and 1961 and produced by Allen Toussaint.

The 28 tracks on Disc 2 represent the best recordings he made for Sansu between 1969 and the formation of The Neville Brothers in 1977. The bonus tracks include tracks that recorded around the same period but were not originally released at the time, appearing later on compilations such as Sehorn’s Soul Farm.

Disc One
Minit Productions

1.  Over You
2.  Everyday
3.  Show Me The Way
4.  Get Out Of My Life
5.  Even Though Aka Reality
6.  Don’t Cry
7.  Let's Live
8.  I Found Another Love
9.  I’m Waiting At The Station
10.How Many Times
12.Sweet Little Mama
14.How Could I Help But Love You
15.For Every Boy There's A Girl
16.I’ve Done It Again aka Once Again
17.Hey Little Alice
18.The Ticks Of The Clock
Bonus tracks [alternate takes]
19.Over You
20.Even Though aka Reality
22.Show Me The Way
23.Don’t Cry
24.The Ticks Of The Clock
25.Wrong Number
26. Get Out Of My Life

Disc Two
Sansu Productions

1.  You Can Give But You Can’t Take
2.  Where Is My Baby
3.  Speak To Me
4. You Don’t Love Me Anymore
5.  All These Things
6.  She’s On My Mind
7.  Baby I’m A Want You
8.  Mojo Hannah
9.  Hercules
10.Going Home
11.Tell It Like It Is
12.Been So Wrong
13.The Greatest Love
Bonus Tracks
15.Struttin’ On Sunday
16.Love Letters
17.Make Me Strong
18.One Fine Day
19.Cry Me A River
20.Waiting For A Bus
21.My Greatest Gift
25.For The Good Times
28.Have Faith

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