The 13th Floor Elevators
Headstone - The Contact Sessions

Headstone - The Contact Sessions Headstone - The Contact Sessions




'The elevators were way ahead of the psychedelic curve: only the beatles, the byrds and bob dylan were recording material like this in early 1966 ' Mojo

The first studio recordings by the 13th Floor Elevators from January and February 1966 made in Texas for an album which never saw the light of day in those heady drug-filled days.

Mono versions of the eleven original tracks including the groundbreaking “You’re Gonna Miss Me” and “Fire Engine” plus four remastered stereo alternative takes.

In addition to the studio material this package includes four live recordings from La Maison in 1966, including “We’ve Gotta get out of this place” and two other previously unreleased tracks.

Recordings remastered and remixed in 2007 by the original producer Walt Andrus.

Presented in a luxury digibook limited edition of 5,000 copies with a detailed 16 page booklet written by band expert Paul Drummond

  1. You’re Gonna Miss Me      
  2. Tried To Hide
  3. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
  4. Take That Girl
  5. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore
  6. I’m Gonna Love You Too
  7. Monkey Island
  8. Roller Coaster
  9. Now I’m Home (Splash 1)
  10. Where Am I ? (Thru the Rhythm)
  11. Fire Engine
  12. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore (take 1)
  13. Fire Engine (take 8)
  14. You’re Gonna Miss Me (take6)
  15. Tried To Hide (take 7)
  16. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (version 2 unreleased)
  17. Roller Coaster (previously unreleased)
  18. We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place (unreleased version)
  1. Fire Engine (version 2 unreleased)

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Headstone - The Contact Sessions

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