The Miller Sisters
Got You On My Mind

Got You On My Mind



Showcasing the distaff side of Sun Records this is the definitive Miller Sisters collection.  Includes all of their released material plus a selection of alternate takes, other artists’ recordings and a Miller Trio track.

Not to be confused with the same-named New York quintet, The Miller Sisters were in fact sisters-in-law Elsie Jo Wages-Miller and Mildred “Millie” Miller, a Mississippi duo whose breath-taking close vocal harmonies saw them record not only in their own right for Sam Phillips’ label, but also grace the recordings of other Sun notables. Jo was married to guitarist Roy Miller, Millie’s brother, and initially they performed as The Miller Trio in and around the Memphis area. The next stage in the evolution of C&W thrushes, theirs was a sound carved out in the honky-tonks of the South where traditional Country sentiment was beginning to give way to a harder edged rockin’ sound.

Blending their voices with seemingly effortless perfection, Phillips saw in the girls an opportunity to emulate The Davis Sisters’ success, and the first of three singles, ‘Someday You Will Pay’ b/w ‘You Didn’t Think I Would’, was released in Spring 1955. Two further discs followed, including the ever-popular ‘Ten Cats Down’, a fine example of Sun’s mid-50s femme rocker sound. They can also be heard performing background vocals on Glenn Honeycutt and Cast King’s recordings, as well as a demo by Gene Simmons - credited with introducing them into the Sun fold - all tracks which are included on this compilation.

  1. Someday You Will Pay
  2. You Didn’t Think I Would
  3. There’s No Right Way To Do Me Wrong
  4. You Can Tell Me
  5. Ten Cats Down
  6. Finders Keepers
  7. It Only Hurts For A Little While
  8. Woody
  9. Look What You’ve Done To My Heart
  10. Got You On My Mind
  11. I Know I Can’t Forget You (But I’ll Try)
  12. You Can’t Break The Chains Of Love [Alt. take]
  13. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  14. GENE SIMMONS If I’m Not Wanted [Version 1]
  15. GLENN HONEYCUTT I’ll Be Around
  16. GLENN HONEYCUTT I’ll Wait Forever
  17. CAST KING / THE MILLER SISTERS Can’t Find Time To Pray
  18. CAST KING / THE MILLER SISTERS Like A Weed In The Garden
  19. THE MILLET TRIO Don’t Let Me Down
  20. Ten Cats Down [Altt. take 1]
  21. Finders Keepers [Alt. take]
  22. Studio Chatter
  23. Woody
  24. Got You On My Mind [Alt.]
  25. I Know I Can’t Forget You (But I’ll Try) [Alt.]
  26. Look What You’ve Done To My Heart [Alt.]
  27. You Can’t Break The Chains Of Love
  28. Ten Cats Down [Alt. take 2]


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