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Go Girls

Go Girls




30 of the finest tracks from Leiber and Stoller’s Red Bird label’s roster of hot girls from the mid-Sixties.

For a couple of years in the mid Sixties Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller’s legendary Red Bird label and its Blue Cat subsidiary flourished as the hottest, most successful and creative independent record company in the United States.

Hitting the coveted number one spot in the US pop charts with their very first release, The Dixie Cups’ ‘Chapel Of Love’, they swiftly followed it up with equally memorable hits from The Shangri-Las, The Jelly Beans and The Ad-Libs.

The girl group hit sound of the Sixties was predominantly a creation of Red Bird as their ‘birds’ - in the form of such groups - brought a new dimension to the sound of female vocal groups.

Working out of New York’s renowned Brill Building, the husband and wife team of Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, aided and abetted by George “Shadow” Morton, produced some of the finest and most influential girl sounds of the era.

In addition to its groups, Red Bird’s solo girls, including the likes of Dee Dee Warwick, Ellie Greenwich and Linda Jones, produced many fine R&B and soul releases between them.

Notable amongst these are Bessie Banks’ magnificent original version of ‘Go Now’ – a number one hit in the UK for The Moody Blues and Evie Sands’ original of ‘I Can’t Let Go’, a number two hit in the U.K. when it was covered by The Hollies in 1966.

This generous 30-track collection of highlights from the label’s impressive female roster includes all its biggest hits in addition to several sought-after gems of the genre.

  1. THE SHANGRI-LAS Leader Of The Pack
  2. THE DIXIE CUPS Chapel Of Love
  4. THE JELLYBEANS I Wanna Love Him So Bad
  5. ELLIE GREENWICH You Don’t Know
  6. THE AD LIBS The Boy From New York City
  7. EVIE SANDS I Can’t Let Go
  8. THE SHANGRI-LAS Remember (Walking In The Sand)
  9. LINDA JONES Fugitive From Love
  11. DEE DEE WARWICK Don’t Think My Baby’s Coming Back
  12. THE DIXIE CUPS Iko, Iko
  13. RODDIE JOY Come Back Baby
  14. LEOLA & THE LOVEJOYS He Ain’t No Angel
  15. CATHY SAINT Big Bad World
  16. THE GOODIES Sophisticated Boom Boom
  17. CHI CHI McCAULEY I Know He Loves Me
  18. THE LOVEJOYS It’s Mighty Nice
  19. EVIE SANDS Run Home To Your Mama
  20. THE BOUQUETS Welcome To My Heart
  21. DIDI NOEL Let The Music Play
  22. THE JELLYBEANS Baby, Be Mine
  23. BESSIE BANKS It Sounds Like My Baby
  25. THE DIXIE CUPS I’m Gonna Get You Yet
  26. RODDIE JOY Love Hit Me With A Wallop
  27. THE LOVEJOYS Payin’ (For The Wrong I've Done)
  28. LINDA JONES You Hit Me Like T.N.T.
  29. CATHY SAINT Mr. Heartbreak
  30. THE BUTTERFLYS Good Night, Baby


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