Jefferson Airplane
Flight Box

Flight Box



For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America.

Three-disc concert set from Californian psychedelic legends, featuring two legendary performances by the Airplane from Golden Gate Park (1969) and Winterland (1972). 

The first rock group from San Francisco’s psychedelic music scene to achieve national and commercial success, Jefferson Airplane defined the city’s sound and produced some of the most inspired and influential music of the era.

This 3CD compact box set features two legendary concerts recorded at famous venues in their hometown and capture the group at the peak of their powers.

The first concert, recorded at Golden Gate Park on 5th July 1969 with the group’s classic line-up and live favourites from the start of the band’s career including their two biggest hit singles, 'White Rabbit' and 'Somebody To Love'.

The second concert was the group’s last-ever performance which took place at the Winterland Arena on 22nd September 1972. Spanning two discs, the gig features cream of the tracks from the group’s last two albums, ‘Bark’ and ‘Long John Silver’ plus evergreen favourites including ‘Crown Of Creation’, ‘Somebody To Love’ and ‘Diana / Volunteers’.

Each of the discs is housed in its own wallet and the package is further enhanced by its 20-page, lavishly-illustrated colour booklet chronicling the events and circumstances of the two concerts.

Disc One • At Golden Gate Park 

1.  The Other Side Of This Life
2.  Somebody To Love
3.  The Farm
4.  Greasy Heart
5.  Good Shepherd
6.  Plastic Fantastic Lover
7.  Uncle Sam Blues
8.  Volunteers
9.  White Rabbit
10.Won’t You Try / Saturday Afternoon
11.We Can Be Together
12.3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds

Disc Two • Live At Winterland Arena Part 1 

1.  Introduction by Bill Graham
2.  Somebody To Love
3.  Twilight Double Leader
4.  Wooden Ships
5.  Milk Train
6.  Blind John
7.  Come Back Baby
8.  The Son Of Jesus
9.  Long John Silver
10. When The Earth Moves Again
11. Papa John’s Down Home Blues
12. Eat Starch Mom

Disc Three • Live At Winterland Arena Part 2

1.  John’s Other
2.  Trial By Fire
3.  Law Man
4.  Have You Seen The Saucers?
5.  Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)
6.  Feel So Good
7.  Crown Of Creation
8.  Walking The Tou Tou
9.  Medley: Diana/Volunteers

For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America.

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