Lost And Found
Everybody’s Here

Everybody’s Here


Houston band, originally known as The Misfits, sound displayed a marked Byrds and Love influence, which doubtless stemmed from the time they had spent in L.A.

Lost And Found emerged from the same mid-60s Houston scene as label mates Thursday’s Children and The Red Crayola.  Roky Erickson from The 13th Floor Elevators introduced the band to Lelan Rogers of International Artists, who promptly signed them up. They then recorded their one and only album, Everybody’s Here, in the summer of 1967.

Thisdeluxe, limited edition digi-book re-issue of this highly-regarded psych classic includes three bonus non-album tracks. The rigid digibook’s 16-page illustrated booklet features an authorative, contemporary overview of the band and its music as well as reproductions of the album’s two original notes.

1.  Forever Lasting Plastic Words
2.  Everybody’s Here
3.  There Would Be No Doubt
4.  Don’t Fall Down
5.  Zig Zag Blues
6.  Let Me Be
7.  I Realize
8.  2 Stroke Blues
9.  I’m So Hip To Pain
10.Living Eye
Bonus tracks
11.When Will You Come Through
12.Professor Black
13.25 MPH

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