Christian Vander leads the ultimate prog- rock band on one of its most popular, vibrant and accessible albums from 1978.

Magma was in its way the ultimate progressive-rock group although it never enjoyed the commercial success which their totally unique music deserved. Under the leadership of their classically trained drummer Christian Vander the group conjured up a truly cosmic vision of the universe, inventing its own language and mythology to get its message across. Magma’s music combined elements of jazz, R&B, funk, gospel, heavy rock and psychedelia into a heady cocktail and their spectacular live shows were legendary.

Released in 1978, ‘Attahk’ is one of Magma’s most popular, vibrant and accessible albums which marked a new phase in the group’s musical journey. Placing more emphasis than before on rhythm, rumbling bass lines and lead vocals, all driven along by the inspired drumming of leader Christian Vander, this new sound is reminiscent at times of those two other popular and intense fusion groups of the time, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever.

Lead vocals are taken by Vander in his totally unique style and are sung in native Kobaian, Magma’s own invented language. Vander’s drumming is particularly explosive on the album’s opening track, ‘The Last Seven Minutes’. In complete contrast, another of the album’s highlights, ‘Dondai’, is a surprisingly tender funk ballad. This reissue is packaged in eye-catching digipak format and features a famous and particularly striking front illustration by leading cult artist H. R. Giger whose unique style has also featured on other acclaimed album fronts by the likes of ELP and Debbie Harry.


  1. The Last Seven Minutes (1970-1977, phase I)
  2. Spiritual (Gospel)
  3. Rindë (Eastern Song)
  4. Lirik Necronomicus Kant (In Which Our Two Heroes Ourgon And Gorgo Meet)
  5. Maahnt (The Wizards Fight Vs The Devil)
  6. Dondaï (To An Eternal Love)
  1. Nono (1978, phase II).

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