Bobby Womack
Across 110th Street 40th Anniversary [deluxe 2CD edition]

Across 110th Street 40th Anniversary [deluxe 2CD edition] Across 110th Street 40th Anniversary [deluxe 2CD edition]





'Across 110th Street is one of the finest (and most successful) creations to emerge from black America.' UNCUT

'A world with Bobby Womack in it is a richer place.' DAMON ALBARN

'... combines one of the truly essential Blaxploitation soundtracks with two excellent Womack albums ★★★★' LOIS WILSON, RECORD COLLECTOR


One of the few surviving links to the pre-Soul/R&B era, Bobby Womack - who was originally discovered as a teenager singing Gospel music by the late Sam Cooke - nowadays enjoys full-blown “Living Legend” status.  Blessed with one of the warmest, most readily-identifiable voices in Soul music, he carved out his reputation with a series of classic albums and singles in the early 70s, re-emerging again in the 80s with his career masterpieces, The Poet and The Poet II, the latter achieving platinum status in Europe alone.

This unique package concentrates on the early 70s, and is built around the iconic, award-winning original soundtrack to Across 110th Street (1972), the critically-acclaimed - albeit violent, bloodthirsty and deeply disturbing - Blaxploitation movie which starred Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto and Anthony Franciosa.  Perhaps Womack’s most celebrated album, this compelling OST remains the most important soundtrack of the genre, the powerful title song later featuring heavily in both Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 homage to Blaxploitation, Jackie Brown, and Ridley Scott’s 2007 opus, American Gangster.

The bonus disc features Womack’s two subsequent LPs, Facts Of Life (1973) and Looking For A Love Again (1974), which were, at that stage of his career, his biggest-selling albums. 

Between them, these three LPs include a handful of Womack’s biggest hit singles, notably ‘Across 110th Street’, ‘Nobody Wants You When You’re Down And Out’, the million-selling ‘Lookin’ For A Love’, and ‘You’re Welcome, Stop On By’.  Also featured are a number of Bobby’s famously eccentric, unlikely cover versions, including Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’, the Goffin & King classic, ‘A Natural Man’, and Bacharach & David’s ‘The Look Of Love’. 

Womack has enjoyed a long, rich career and still retains a strong cult status in the UK and Europe.  He continues to record and tour sporadically and after battling ill-health in recent years, a new album is scheduled for release in June. The album is co-produced by Damon Albarn and Richard Russell, who also produced Gil Scott Heron's acclaimed final album.

Disc One           
Across 110th Street OST (1972)
1.  Across 110th Street
2.  Harlem Clavinette [instrumental]
3.  If You Don’t Want My Love
4.  Hang On In There [instrumental]
5.  Quicksand
6.  Harlem Love Theme [instrumental]
7.  Across 110th Street [instrumental]
8.  Do It Right
9.  Hang On In There
10.If You Don’t Want My Love [instrumental]
11.Across 110th Street [Pt. 2]

Disc Two
Facts Of Life
1.  Nobody Wants You When You’re Down And Out
2.  I’m Through Trying To Prove My Love To You
3.  If You Can’t Give Her Love, Give Her Up
4.  That’s Heaven To Me
5.  Holdin’ On To My Baby’s Love/Nobody
6.  Fact Of Life/He’ll Be There When The Sun Goes Down
7.  Can’t Stop A Man In Love
8.  The Look Of Love
9.  Natural Man
10.All Along The Watchtower
Looking For A Love Again
11.Lookin’ For A Love
12.I Don’t Wanna Be Hurt By Ya Love Again
13.Doing It My Way
14.Let It Hang Out
15.Point Of No Return
16.You’re Welcome, Stop On By
17.You’re Messing Up A Good Thing
18.Don’t Let Me Down
19.Copper Kettle
20.There’s One Thing That Beats Failing

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Across 110th Street 40th Anniversary [deluxe 2CD edition]

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