Art Ensemble of Chicago
A Jackson In Your House / A Message To Your Folks 

A Jackson In Your House / A Message To Your Folks 


Two original albums recorded for the BYG label in 1969 highlighting the Art Ensemble’s incredible energy and eclecticism.

The Art Ensemble Of Chicago has been a major influence in the jazz world since its inception in the late 60’s and its recordings made in the ensuing years.

The two original, digitally-remastered albums reissued on this CD are considered as being among their best. They were recorded for French label BYG in 1969 in Paris, where the group were living at the time.

‘A Jackson In Your House’ and ‘Message To Our Folks’ both showcase the musicians’ incredible energy and extraordinary eclectism, ranging from their off-the-wall delivery of the poem ‘Ericka’ to the bebop sounds of ‘Dexterity’ and the storming ‘A Brain For The Seine’.

New sleevenotes (English/German) by journalist Albert Koch from Germany’ Musikexpress Sounds magazine.


  1. A Jackson In Your House, A Jackson In Your House
  2. Get In Line
  3. The Waltz
  4. Ericka
  5. Song For Charles
  6. A Message To Your Folks
  7. Old Time Religion
  8. Dexterity
  9. Rock Out
  1. A Brain For The Seine