94 East (featuring Prince)
94 East (featuring Prince - 3LP box set)

94 East (featuring Prince - 3LP box set)




'What makes these recordings particularly special is that they reflect an important element in the development of the ‘Minneapolis Sound’ - a phenomenon bought to the world’s attention by the emergence of Prince. And the outstanding contributions that Prince bought to these recordings are testimonial to his phenomenal, precocious abilities at such a young age.' Pepé Willie, founder of 94 East

94 East featuring Prince contains the earliest known recordings of Prince, made with Pepe Willie's band 94 East and recorded between December 1975 and February 1979.

Prince contributes guitars, basses, keyboards, synths, organ, drums, harmony and backing vocals and is a major constituent of these historic recordings.

This 2016 release has been given an analogue remaster taken from the original tapes.

Triple 180g vinyl box set edition including in-depth sleeve notes featuring a revealing interview with Pepe Willie.


1. Just Another Sucker [5:17]
2. If You Feel Like Dancin' [7:08]
3. Lovin' Cup [4:20]

1. Games (Original Version) [3:40]
2. Dance To The Music Of The World [5:07]
3. One Man Jam [6:09]

1. If You See Me [5:40]
2. Games (Instrumental Version) [5:02]
3. I`ll Always Love You [3:53]

1. Better Than You Think [4:30]
2. If We Don't [4:08]
3. You Can Be My Teacher [4:06]
4. Love, Love, Love [3:52]

1. If You See Me (Instrumental Version) [5:40]
2. Games (Alternate Instrumental Version) [3:40]
3. Better Than You Think (Instrumental Version) [4:30]

1. Dance to The Music Of The World (Rehearsal Session
Version) [6:04]

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